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Day One!

Our first day of school was smooth and happy!  Praise the Lord!  Here are a few pictures of our celebratory breakfast (the boys get to choose all three meals on the first day of school!) and the boys holding their signs.

IMG_6586 IMG_6605 IMG_6593


Plumfield Academy Reopens

In John 13, after Jesus is finished washing the feet of his disciples, he tells them in verse 16, “Truly, truly, I say to you: a servant is not greater than his master, nor is the messenger greater than the one who sent him.”  As we begin our school year tomorrow, this is a truth from God’s word that I am preaching to my own heart.  Homeschooling is a blessing (an exhausting, sometimes heart-rending blessing) that calls for sacrifice and service.  My constant prayer for Plumfield Academy is one of thanks as well as one that petitions for strength and grace.

Despite my great love for my children, I do not have all that I need to guide them well without the grace of God.  Please pray for us as we begin this school year, that my sons would grow in understanding, wisdom, and character, and that I would grow in perseverance, patience, and joy.

A New School Year

Plumfield Academy is in full swing, my friends!  Today we started our third week of school so I figured I should go ahead and post the pictures from the first day.  :/  We’ve made some scheduling changes and I’ve been happy with them (especially since they include a break and a chance for me to wash the breakfast dishes while the boys do their copywork!).  It’s taken pretty much all of the last two weeks, but today things transitioned smoothly from one thing to the next so I think that the boys are finally in the groove of the new schedule.  WOOHOO!  I continue to be so thankful that I am able to stay at home with the boys and teach them from a Biblical worldview.

IMG_5697 IMG_5706

An End

School has just closed for the day and (as much as possible) for the year.  For some unknown, undoubtedly-feminine reason, I want to cry.  Next week will still see my boys gathering into my lap for Bible time and prayer followed by calendar and some random activity to keep their minds fresh, and of course, the reading in our home will cease only when we’re gone.  Nevertheless the school year is officially closed, and one year that the Lord gave me to pour into my sons is gone.  It has been a fruitful one, but I will never get it back.  God is so faithful in giving me these sad moments.  They help me to cherish our days and seize the opportunities that daily come along to teach and love and train our boys.

Whether you homeschool or not, whether you have children or not, you are living your life for the one and only time.  Join me in a prayerful attempt at doing it well for the glory of God.

New Traditions

I am a tradition lover.  Our little family has lots of traditions – big and little, daily and annual, simple and elaborate, but all intentional.  Randomly something will happen that will begin a new tradition, but it’s rare since it requires an essential change in our lives (not as an absolute necessity but because if we’ve been doing it for a while, we probably already have traditions in place for it!).

A few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a hardback copy of Peter Pan, and I immediately wanted to buy it for Daniel.  We read Peter Pan on my Kindle this year during school, and it was one of Daniel’s favorite books, quickly becoming the basis for all kinds of imaginative play in the Thompson house.   But…for what occasion?  Not that I couldn’t just buy him a book, but it was a nice copy, and we typically don’t just buy extras.  And then, AH!  A new tradition!

We’ve decided that at the end of each school year, we’ll give each of the boys a nice hardback copy of a book that they loved from that school year.  I’m so excited (said the nerdy mom)!  The copy of Peter Pan that I originally saw in the advertisement was not what I was thinking so I passed on it, but since then I’ve bought Daniel’s Peter Pan and The Wind in the Willows for Jack.  Now I have to wait until May 2nd to give them to the boys!  I’ll post a picture of them with their books after they get them.

Introducing our mascot…

Daniel has been going through a Robin Hood phase.  Jack didn’t want to be Little John (Mr. Thompson has that honor) or Friar Tuck so he decided to be “Baby Cat.”  Somewhere along the line, it morphed into Super Baby Cat.  Then Super Baby Horse.  And finally Super Baby Bull Horse.  You might be surprised at how well that rolls off your tongue.  Try it a few times 🙂  After a month or so of referring to Jack as Super Baby Bull Horse, Mr. Thompson and I joked this weekend that we should make it the mascot of Plumfield Academy.  I printed a picture of a horse mascot, traced it, and made a few modifications.  🙂


Deep Thoughts on the Protestant Reformation

Daniel: Mommy, what does “excommunicate him” mean?

Mommy: It means that the Pope didn’t like what Martin Luther was teaching so he threw him out of the church; excommunicate means to throw someone out of the church.

Daniel:  OH DEAR!  Did he land on the grass?

Mommy:  Huh?  Oh!  No, no, he didn’t actually throw him out of the church!  What I mean is that the Pope said that he couldn’t be a preacher or a member of the church anymore.

Daniel: So then…they had to get another preacher?

Mommy: Yes.

Daniel: I hope he landed in the grass.


Or…maybe not.

2013-2014 School Year Reading List

Since it’s impossible to lose a website, I decided to keep up with our chapter-book reading here.  Keeping up the all of the picture books would be severe overkill.  🙂

  1. Peter Pan
  2. The Wind in the Willows
  3. The Twelve Dancing Princesses
  4. Winnie-the-Pooh
  5. The House at Pooh Corner
  6. Pollyanna
  7. When We Were Very Young
  8. Midnight on the Moon – MTH
  9. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  10. Prince Caspian
  11. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
  12. The Silver Chair
  13. Now We Are Six
  14. Ghost Town at Sundown – MTH
  15. Vacation Under the Volcano – MTH
  16. Mummies in the Morning – MTH
  17. Night of the Ninjas – MTH
  18. The Last Battle
  19. The Magician’s Nephew
  20. The Horse and His Boy
  21. Stuart Little
  22. Prisoner of the Sun
  23. Red Rackham’s Treasure
  24. Charlotte’s Web

History…according to Daniel

And I quote:

Eleanor of Aquitaine and her son, Richard the Lion-hearted, fought the turkeys for Jerusalem during the time of the Crusades which occurred from 1095-1291.

Turks, turkeys…pretty much the same, right?  I told Mr. Thompson that I wished that I was an artist because this would certainly become a hilarious cartoon!

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