The Days are Long, but the Years are Short

Life at The Castle



A Long, Long Time Ago

There really used to be saber-tooths on the earth a long, long time ago…like when Mommy was a baby.



The Mountain

The boys are playing with some Imaginext men in the bathtub.  I just overheard Jack say, “They are going to hike to Mt. Toilet Bowl.”  Sounds like a dangerous expedition.


Do you ever listen to childrens’ conversations when they don’t realize that you can hear them?  Tonight I overheard one child say to another, “My last name is not Richard Simmons.”  I also heard one child instruct his friend to “let your butt slide down.”  I think that this is going to become a semi-regular post category…maybe once a week or so…because I hear kids says some f.u.n.n.y. stuff!

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