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Done and time to start again :)

I know that this is long overdue, but things were so busy here in May!  A trip to Asheville, camping (oh, I haven’t posted those pictures yet!), birthdays, graduations, yard sales…  Nonetheless, I did manage to finish P90X!  Here are my final numbers!

weight  -13 lbs (4 lbs under wedding weight!)

bust   -2.5 inches

waist  -4 inches

hips  -4 inches

thighs  -1.5 inches

arms  -.5 inch

I was going to start again last Monday but life got in the way (Jack came down with a nasty virus) so I’m starting up this Monday instead (the 6th).  This time I’m going to do the lean program instead of the classic and I definitely won’t be as strict about the diet since I’m just maintaining at this point.  I would definitely recommend this program to others (and have!), but it’s definitely only for those who are really serious about a change because it is HARD WORK!!

I’ll give periodic updates during this next go-round but only as results indicate that it’s needed 🙂



P90X – after week 11

I can’t believe that we only have two weeks left of P90X!  Today is day 80 and this week is our last week of regular exercise.  Next week is a “rest” week when we do all cardio without any weight lifting days.  I am so glad that Mr. Thompson and I decided to do this together.  There are definitely nights that neither of us feels like working out once the boys are finally asleep, but we’ve been able to keep each other motivated.  I don’t think that I would’ve finished if I were doing it on my own because it’s so hard for me to work out when he skips because of sickness, exhaustion (because he’s still playing basketball twice a week), or a movie about a has-been wrestler who’s down on his luck.  (hehehe)  This week I have felt like I saw myself in the mirror for the first time in a couple of years.  I’ve been looking in the mirror all along (of course), but this week when I looked I saw ME!  Do you know what I mean?  I envision people mentally at certain phases in my life, and this week I saw myself reflect my mental image of myself.  That probably makes no sense to most of you, but my use of the English language fails me in trying to describing it better.

Okay, okay.  The numbers.

weight   -9 lbs  (WEDDING WEIGHT!!)

bust       -2.5 inches

waist     -3.5 inches

hips       -3.5 inches

thighs     -1.5 inches each

right arm    -.5 inch

left arm       -.25 inch

After week 10 of P90X

I decided to post this week even though there aren’t any changes to report…just so you’d know that I haven’t quit or anything 🙂  This is week 11, day 2, and day 90 falls on May 21st!  I’m looking forward to eating a slice of pizza – maybe even two!

P90X – after week 8

I’m late again this week, but it’s turned out to be a good thing.  I’m not feeling super motivated tonight (Legs and Back just kicked my bottom!) so looking at Monday’s numbers will be a help to me 🙂  When I measured and weighed this week, it felt so good to still see the numbers getting smaller.  Today is Day 61…2/3 of the way there!

weight    -8 lbs!!  (1 lb to go for wedding weight!)

chest    -2″

waist     -3.25″

hips    -3.25″

thighs   -1.5″ each

right arm   -3/4″

left arm     -1/2″

Bonus: I have a favorite “skinny dress” that I wanted to wear (again) this year for Easter, and that was one of my short term goals (I tried to set goals along the 90 days).  I had it dry cleaned this week, and Mr. Thompson picked it up on his way home from work on Thursday.  {Aside: I cannot BELIEVE the cost of dry cleaning!!}  When I tried it on today, it was actually a little too big 🙂  I’m still wearing it on Sunday, especially since I had it cleaned!

Better late than never – P90X after week 6

Sorry for the severely late update.  It’s been an exciting week.  I crammed all of my fun and not-as-fun activities into the first three days of the week because I knew that we’d be potty training at the end of this week (more on that later).  Anyway…

weight    -6.5 lbs  😀

bust  -1.75 inches

waist  -2.75 inches

hips   -2.5 inches

thighs    -1.5 inches each

rt. arm      -1/2 inch

left arm     -1/4 inch

P90X- after week 5

Well, it was sort-of a lousy week.  Boo on me for eating birthday cake on Thursday night and yummy spaghetti at our church social on Sunday night.  I can’t honestly say that I regret either decision though; both were delicious.  🙂  Again, numbers are totals since day one.  Today is day 36 (almost half-way!).

weight  -4.5 lbs

bust    -1.75 in

waist     -2.75 in

hips      -1.5 in

thighs       -1 in each

arms         -1/2 in (right) and -1/4 in (left)

Even though the numbers didn’t change much from last week, tonight I really felt great during our workout.  I did nearly all of the ab-ripper video including all 50 of the last exercise.  Our first night doing ab-ripper I did 5.  Only 5!  I was super excited.  Time to hit the sack; I’m exhausted!

When you can’t fight temptation,…

feed it to your toddler instead!

He’s a toddler until Thursday; then he officially becomes a preschooler 😦

After week 4

Week 4 was a struggle.  First, our Core Synergistics video was messed up so we only got to do 1/2 of that workout.  Then my life went birthday party crazy so I missed 2.5 days of exercise.  {sigh} Get back on the horse!  I am SO excited to workout tonight!  Despite my lousy workout week (which by the way, makes it really hard to eat right), my numbers were good.  Hooray!  (Numbers are still totals since day one; today is day29.)

weight    -4.5 lbs (halfway to wedding weight!)

bust  -1.5″

waist  -2.5″

hips  -3″

thighs  -1″

arms   -1/2″ (right) and -1/4″ (left)

Power smoothie


We’ve discovered the power of fruit to cover vegetables!  🙂  Honestly, it’s a lot of vegetables.  Here’s our new smoothie recipe.

  • 1 cup of cauliflower – raw (I use frozen because it’s cheaper and just thaw it out quickly in hot water)
  • 2 cups of sliced strawberries
  • 1/2 cup of plain, non-fat yogurt
  • 4 oz. skim milk
  • 1 scoop of chocolate-flavored protein (we like IDS Belgian Chocolate)

Liquify in your blender and drink up!  On the portion control diet it equals 1 veggie, 1 fruit, 1 dairy, and 1 protein. 

Warning: This is a lot of smoothie!  I drink it in two sessions, normally half for breakfast and half for snack.  Just stick the blender cup in the frig until you’re ready for the second half and then give it a quick whirl on the blender before you finish it off!

For the boys, I just replace the plain yogurt with vanilla and the protein with a banana!  They LOVE it!

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