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Life at The Castle

Things My Boys Said Today

Daniel (crying): I hate ants.  They are the worst creatures!  Why did God make them to eat my doughnut?

Jack (as Daniel outran a “dinosaur” at the museum): Great evasive maneuvering!


Another First

This evening we had our first broken bone.  Jack and a friend from church were playing in the fellowship hall at church while several ladies and I prepared for our last night of Narnia Camp.  According to Jack’s story (while under the influence of truth serum aka pain medication), they were racing and as they came to the finish line, Jack jumped as his friend fell.  The end result of the collision was that Jack tripped over his friend and landed on his elbow, fracturing his arm just above the elbow.  He was pitiful.

Brian was leaving work when I called, and he came right to church to take us to the ER.  My dear friend Holly who had been with me the entire time (getting ice and holding a book as I read aloud to Jack to help him stay calm and generally being the wonderful friend that she is) offered to take care of Daniel so that he could stay for Narnia Camp.

After the normal rigmarole of x-rays and pain medication, they told us what my gut had told me a couple of hours before.  Now comes the fun part of the story.  Did you know that there is a fun part of a story about a sweet kid who breaks his arm?  There is, and it is called:  post-pain medication conversation.  I spent a good deal of time this evening laughing at what Jack was saying or trying not to laugh at what Jack was saying.  Here’s a little sampling for you, just the few that we could remember.

  • I feel great!  Great!  I’ve never felt this good before!
  • (At the drive thru of the pharmacy) Look at that drawer!  How did it do that?  That’s FANCY!
  • (In response to my command that he not run around with his friends) Don’t worry.  I’ve learned my lesson.
  • I feel sssoooooo good.
  • (singing) I’m a Duffer!  I’ve got a big gray beard!
  • Next stop: to get my brother! I can’t wait to see my brother!
  • Cheeseburger from WENDY’S!!

I best get into bed because it may be a long night once the medication wears down.  The score for hospital bracelets stands at Daniel:5, Jack:2.

A Fleeting Summer

Our summer break is nearly at an end.  Since our family breaks from May – July and begins school the first week of August, the boys and I have only 2.5 weeks left before we launch our next school year.  I have been busy making preparations, some as simple as finishing a slipcover for the schoolroom chair and others as complex as determining curriculums.


This morning, in an effort to wrap my mind around the big picture of years, Classical Conversations cycles, and ages (of the boys), I sat down and composed a chart that laid out the details of each year from now until Jack graduates from high school.  Once finished I looked carefully at the chart and fought back tears, praying that the Lord would deal graciously with my sons and cause them to grow in wisdom over these next years.  2028 seems a long way off to me now, but as the fleeting summer reminds me, time no longer creeps by as it seemed to when I was a child.  May the Lord bless these years and use them for the good of our family and for His glory!

Decluttering Tip of the Day

From the beginning of their little lives, I have told my boys that if something is broken in a way that cannot be repaired and keeps it from being used for its purpose, we THROW IT AWAY.  It is a thing, and things don’t last, not ninja action figures or beautiful dishes.  I pray that the Lord will help my boys to love people more than things and to store up their treasures in heaven.

This kid…


This kid is the answer to a thousand prayers that I whispered in the dark and the prayers of faithful friends and family.  He was the first person to call me “Mommy” and is the spitting image of his daddy.  This kid shows me what toughness looks like when it’s wrapped up in a little boy body.  He goes all in, 100% at whatever he decides to do.  This kid is all boy.  Today, this kid is 7 years old, and he is proud and happy and a little condescending towards his brother (who “will never catch him because he was born first”).

I am thankful to the Lord a million times over that He gave me the beautiful gift of motherhood in this kid, and I will love and pray for him as long as there is breath in my body and then some.

Happy birthday, my Daniel!  May the Lord bless you with many more!

Daniel’s Duke Commentary

Here are Daniel’s comments during the first 12 minutes of tonight’s Duke game.  Daniel is an interactive basketball watcher so imagine an adorable, pajama-clad boy jumping around and cheering for his team.  I missed a comment or two in the noise of the game, but you get the picture.  🙂

Duke is fantastic-er!

Virginia is the king at this game. Isn’t that right?

Go Duke!

I want Duke to have the ball.

Trouble for Okafor?  (No, travel.)

Yeah, Duke!  2 -2…all tied up!


We almost got three points.


Virginia is terrible.


Man, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke!  Go Duke!

Man!  When I said, “Go Duke!” it made Duke get the ball!

Yeah!  Jack, we’ve got 4!  Yeah!

If we say, “Duke is great!” that will make they score the goal and get 6!


Duke’s pass did the trick!

Go Duke!

Go Duke.

Hey, Jackie, if Duke scores this one, Duke will get 10.  So we want them to do that, right?

UH!  Who gets the ball?  The referee?

(singing) Ten points for Duke, Ten points for Duke.

Duke is playing very well tonight.  Right, Dad?

YEAH!  Hey, Mommy!  We have 1-ten 3 and they only have 1-ten 1!

Yeah, Duke!  We have 1-ten 5!

Now we got 1-ten 7 but the white team only has 11!

Aww man!  Now they have 1-ten 3 but we’re still winning.

If we get another point, we’ll have 1-ten 8.  Right, Jackie?

Yeah!  Duke, Duke, Duke!

A Long, Long Time Ago

There really used to be saber-tooths on the earth a long, long time ago…like when Mommy was a baby.


The Mountain

The boys are playing with some Imaginext men in the bathtub.  I just overheard Jack say, “They are going to hike to Mt. Toilet Bowl.”  Sounds like a dangerous expedition.

Brotherly Love

This morning Jack drew a picture for Daniel.  The drawing was of the two of them standing under a rainbow, and he brought it to me, asking me to write “I love you” on it for him.  So I did, but evidently not in the correct place.  He asked again, being careful to specify where the writing should be.  When I handed it back to him, he said, “Two ‘I love  you’ words!  That should clue him in!!”  And my heart just melted.  Even though there are days that feel like the bickering (over imaginary things, people) will never end, they truly love one another and are building a friendship that we pray will hold strong throughout their lives.

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