Our summer break is nearly at an end.  Since our family breaks from May – July and begins school the first week of August, the boys and I have only 2.5 weeks left before we launch our next school year.  I have been busy making preparations, some as simple as finishing a slipcover for the schoolroom chair and others as complex as determining curriculums.


This morning, in an effort to wrap my mind around the big picture of years, Classical Conversations cycles, and ages (of the boys), I sat down and composed a chart that laid out the details of each year from now until Jack graduates from high school.  Once finished I looked carefully at the chart and fought back tears, praying that the Lord would deal graciously with my sons and cause them to grow in wisdom over these next years.  2028 seems a long way off to me now, but as the fleeting summer reminds me, time no longer creeps by as it seemed to when I was a child.  May the Lord bless these years and use them for the good of our family and for His glory!