This evening we had our first broken bone.  Jack and a friend from church were playing in the fellowship hall at church while several ladies and I prepared for our last night of Narnia Camp.  According to Jack’s story (while under the influence of truth serum aka pain medication), they were racing and as they came to the finish line, Jack jumped as his friend fell.  The end result of the collision was that Jack tripped over his friend and landed on his elbow, fracturing his arm just above the elbow.  He was pitiful.

Brian was leaving work when I called, and he came right to church to take us to the ER.  My dear friend Holly who had been with me the entire time (getting ice and holding a book as I read aloud to Jack to help him stay calm and generally being the wonderful friend that she is) offered to take care of Daniel so that he could stay for Narnia Camp.

After the normal rigmarole of x-rays and pain medication, they told us what my gut had told me a couple of hours before.  Now comes the fun part of the story.  Did you know that there is a fun part of a story about a sweet kid who breaks his arm?  There is, and it is called:  post-pain medication conversation.  I spent a good deal of time this evening laughing at what Jack was saying or trying not to laugh at what Jack was saying.  Here’s a little sampling for you, just the few that we could remember.

  • I feel great!  Great!  I’ve never felt this good before!
  • (At the drive thru of the pharmacy) Look at that drawer!  How did it do that?  That’s FANCY!
  • (In response to my command that he not run around with his friends) Don’t worry.  I’ve learned my lesson.
  • I feel sssoooooo good.
  • (singing) I’m a Duffer!  I’ve got a big gray beard!
  • Next stop: to get my brother! I can’t wait to see my brother!
  • Cheeseburger from WENDY’S!!

I best get into bed because it may be a long night once the medication wears down.  The score for hospital bracelets stands at Daniel:5, Jack:2.